Participation in the Orfeum’s programmes is possible by purchasing tickets.

Ticket sales

Tickets for the Orfeum’s programmes and performances can be purchased online through our ticketing system (www.orfeum.hu/musor) or in person at the Orfeum box office during opening hours. In the case of personal ticket purchases, we will issue an electronic ticket as well and send it to the e-mail address you have provided (1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49.).

When purchasing tickets, it is obligatory to provide personal data such as name, email address, telephone number and billing information.

At the Orfeum box office, only cash payment is accepted. If you purchase tickets through our online ticketing system, you can pay for your tickets by credit card through the Barion system, by bank transfer or by SZÉP Card.

On-site pre-purchased ticket or gift vouchers can only be purchased in cash during opening hours on programme days.

The telephone number for ticket sales is +36 30 948 6448, available every day from 10:00 to 21:00 except Sundays and public holidays.

Bank account number: Erste Bank, 11600006-00000000-44331892 (Royal Orfeum Ltd.)


Types of tickets

We sell the following types of tickets for our evenings (ticket prices and types may vary from evening to evening)

Deluxe 2 Tickets: Two-person tables located opposite the stage.

Deluxe Ticket: 4 and 6 person tables located opposite the stage.

Premium Ticket: Front 7 tables on both the right and left sides of the stage.

Standard Ticket: Rear 4 tables on both the right and left of the stage.


Standing Tickets – Our evening events can also be attended with standing tickets – except for dinner theatre evenings and revue shows –, and these tickets can only be purchased at the box office on arrival.


The prices of standing tickets are always indicated in the description of our evening events. t is not allowed to occupy a seat with a standing ticket.

Even if there are empty tables, it is not permitted to sit with a standing ticket, as those seats will be occupied by other guests later.

If there are seats available, our colleague will indicate this at the registration desk to the guests who have purchased a standing ticket.

Standing ticket holders may stay in front of the bar, on the dance floor and in the hallway connecting the bar to the lobby. The hallway to the kitchen is a staff area and should be left unobstructed, and the banquet room behind the bar is also a staff area and is not available for guests.

Details of optional services for tickets


Dinner Ticket: includes a multi-course dinner, excluding beverages

Please choose from the menus provided in the programme description. Your choice is compulsory at the time of purchase and please indicate any food allergies in the comments section.

If you wish to change your choice, please notify us in writing to foglalas@orfeumclub.hu no later than the day before the event, indicating any food allergies. Menus for guests with food allergies can be adapted by omitting or substituting allergens, but only if this is indicated in advance. It is not possible to change the menu during the evening.


On dinner theatre evenings, the starter is served on arrival, the main course during the intermission and dessert at the end of the performance. Occasionally, there may be variations in the serving method, which will be indicated in the description of the specific evening.

If there is a celebrant and a cake toast is required, it can be served during the intermission at a concert or at the end of the theatre performance.

Tickets do not include beverages.

If you have chosen a drink voucher for your ticket at a concert evening, i.e. you have not chosen a meal, we will deduct the value of the voucher from your consumption at the end of the evening, provided you hand it to our serving colleague before paying. After payment, we cannot accept the voucher and deduct it from your consumption.

During concert evenings, dining is available between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

Ticket including a drink voucher: Includes a drinks voucher worth HUF 5000


Using drink vouchers:

The drink vouchers will be handed over at registration on arrival and can only be used for drinks on the day, they cannot be redeemed for cash and no refunds can be given. They must be handed to the serving colleague at the time of payment to be deducted from the total bill. If you have not used your voucher at the time of payment, the account is closed and we cannot make any changes to the closed account.


In the event of loss of vouchers, we cannot replace them and Orfeum cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from this.


Ticket reservation process:


Tickets can be reserved and purchased at www.orfeum.hu/musor by entering your personal details. You can choose to pay for your reserved tickets by credit card, bank transfer or SZÉP Card.

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, tickets must be purchased within 3 working days after the reservation, and seats booked 7 days before the performance must be purchased within 24 hours of booking, as the booking is then considered final. A reserved ticket that has not been purchased cannot be considered a final reservation; and will be cancelled after the payment deadline has expired, subject to prior notification. The cancellation is not automatic; a written reminder will be sent once in advance. If no reply is received within one day, the reservation will be cancelled permanently without further notice.

Pre-sale tickets must be purchased no later than the day before the event. We cannot provide pre-sale tickets to our valued guests at the venue on the day of the event.

If you have made a reservation for the same event under different names, independently of each other and one of them is not required, please cancel the reservation that has become redundant or ask the customer service to help you cancel it. If the redundant reservation is not cancelled, you will be liable to pay.


Ticket purchase for larger tables

Our six-person tables are primarily reserved for larger groups, so if you purchase fewer than 5 tickets for any of these tables, your reservation may be transferred to another table with a smaller capacity and you will be notified by email. Please acknowledge this arrangement.


Tickets purchase for several different tables

If you are purchasing all the seats at several Deluxe tables, adjacent to each other, on the same side, in the same column, you have the option to request that the tables be grouped together. (For example, tables numbered 1, 1/A, and 2 can be pushed together.)

Tables that are side by side but not in the same column cannot be pushed together, s it would hinder our serving colleagues’ work and service to our guests. (For example, tables numbered 1 and 5/A cannot be pushed together.)

Two tables next to each other, on the same side, in the same column, will only be pushed together if all the tickets at these tables have been purchased by a single party.

When purchasing tickets, if you cannot find a sufficient number of tickets at a table, please ask our customer service for assistance instead of booking a seat at a completely different table. Please note that if you do reserve tickets for separate tables, we will not be able to seat you at the same table, as we can only seat as many people at a table as we can sell tickets for that table. We are unable to provide extra seating for tables, especially for our premium and standard tables.


If more guests arrive than the number specified in the reservation, we cannot guarantee seating the additional guests at the same table. It is also possible that there may be no available seats at all.


In the event of a technical error beyond Orfeum’s control (e.g. internet service outage, server failure, etc.) that results in the same tickets being accidentally sold twice in the ticketing system, we will be notified immediately and will correct the error by giving priority to the first customer and offering the second customer a different table. In the event if our venue is already fully booked and there are no other tables available, we cannot provide seating, we will either rebook you for another selected performance or refund the price of the tickets paid.


Receipt of redeemed tickets

Tickets purchased online will be sent by email from the system after payment, which is sufficient for admission; you do not need to print it, it is also accepted when presented by phone.

Tickets paid for by bank transfer will be sent out within 24 hours after the bank closes and after processing of the received transfers. If you do not find your tickets in your email account within 2 days after the transfer, please check your spam folder and if you cannot find them there, please contact our customer service.



If a guest is unable to attend the event, we will not be able to refund the ticket price. If fewer people arrive for the event than the number of tickets purchased, we will not be able to refund the unused tickets’ prices.

In the event of cancellation, we cannot refund or exchange the tickets for another performance.


Arrival, booking of seats

On ticketing system interfaces, the numbers/letters displayed at each table in the table allocation screen indicate the maximum number of people that can be seated comfortably at that table. Reservations apply to the table, and seating within the tables is done in the order of arrival.

Tables are pre-assigned based on tickets sold, so no changes can be made upon arrival.

Please note that for tickets purchased in advance for concerts, we can hold reservations for a given table for up to 30 minutes after the advertised start time of the concert. After that time, if we are unable to reach the guest at the provided phone number during reservation, we will sell the unoccupied seats to other guests. If the guest arrives later, the Orfeum will make every effort to accommodate them, but cannot guarantee to provide a table. In the event of a delay before the advertised start time, if notified by phone (+36 30 948 64 48), we will of course ensure reserved seats until arrival.


For dinner theatre evenings, guests arriving after the start time will only be able to take their seats and enjoy their starters during the intermission. On these evenings, service is suspended during the performance.

When arriving at the Pódium Room, please wait at the stop sign in the corridor while our seating staff escort you to your table.


Switch to a higher category

If a guest holding a standard ticket or standing ticket wishes to sit at a table of a higher category, please inform our ticketing staff and they will arrange it depending on availability. In this case, it is possible to upgrade to a (higher category) table by paying the difference between the two price categories.



Age limit

In principle, our public events are not age-restricted, so minors may attend our programmes under parental supervision and at the parent’s responsibility. However, there are some theatre performances that are not recommended for persons under 16 years of age. Please contact our customer service for more information.

No alcoholic beverages are served to persons under 18 years of age.

Admission, banning

The operator reserves the right to refuse admission to the club in the interests of the visitor. In particular, it is prohibited to bring into the Club premises: drugs, pyrotechnic devices, explosive, toxic or flammable substances or objects, tools, firearms, knives, gas sprays, other objects particularly dangerous to public safety as defined in the current legislation on particularly dangerous objects for public safety, currently defined in Government Decree 175/2003 (28.X.), or generally any items whose possession is illegal or which may otherwise pose a threat to the safety of persons on the club premises.

We reserve the right to remove from our premises any guest whose behaviour breaches basic ethical rules, disrupts the enjoyment of others or violates these rules. The Orfeum also reserves the right to expel or refuse entry to the Orfeum if a guest is visibly under the influence of excessive intoxication or other mind-altering substances.

Orfeum’s dress code is smart casual. Guests arriving in inappropriate clothing will not be admitted.

In accordance with the law, in case the maximum guest capacity established for the event venue is exceeded, we can only admit as many people as have left (a ‘headcount limit’).

In such cases, guests with a pre-purchased seat ticket who arrive late and guests who change their standing ticket on arrival and do not enter the premises immediately cannot be admitted with their ticket unless someone leaves. This does not apply to guests who are outside because they are smoking.

Standing tickets are not sold in advance. If a guest with a standing ticket does not enter the concert immediately and entry becomes impossible later due to the headcount limit, Orfeum assumes no responsibility.


Registration, cloakroom


Upon arrival, registration is mandatory, as well as the use of the supervised cloakroom during the season.

The Orfeum cannot be held responsible for any valuables left in coats or bags brought into the Orfeum or left in the cloakroom.




Only foods and beverages purchased on-site at the Orfeum may be consumed. Food and drinks of foreign origin cannot be brought into the Orfeum area.

Please note that our kitchen only prepares menus that can be selected with dinner tickets. A la carte dining is not available at concerts or dinner theatre evenings.

For birthdays and holidays, cakes can be brought in with prior notification to foglalas@orfeumclub.hu. Please provide a copy of the cake receipt. No fireworks may be brought in, only standard cake candles.


After the end of the concert programme, the consumption at the tables will be closed, from then on orders can be placed at the bar.

The main meal during dinner theater performances takes approximately 50 minutes during the intermission. In order to ensure a quick start to Part 2 of the performance, tables will be closed at the end of the evening and payment for consumptions will be made at this time. The receipt will be taken to the tables by our serving staff, so please settle it there.

Payment for food and drinks consumed at the Orfeum can be made by cash, credit card or SZÉP Card. American Express cards, Elisabeth vouchers and other meal vouchers are not accepted.




Orfeum Gift Vouchers

The Orfeum sells online gift vouchers in the value of 5,000 and 10,000 HUF, which can be used for the purchase of tickets, but cannot be returned. They expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

The gift vouchers are not personalised, we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by their loss, and there is no possibility of extending the expiry date.


Orfeum Couples vouchers

The Orfeum sells online Couple ticket gift vouchers for premium, deluxe and two-person deluxe tables. The value of the vouchers is always adjusted to the current ticket prices. Vouchers can be used to purchase tickets and cannot be refunded. They expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

Gift vouchers are not personalised and we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by their loss, nor is there any possibility of extending their expiry date.

How to use it: it contains a voucher code, which must be entered in the Orfeum online system at the time of purchase, after which the ticket system will deduct the amount from the total value of the purchase. If someone buys more tickets, e.g. 3 or more, the difference between the value of the voucher and the price of the tickets must be paid either by credit card or by bank transfer. The tickets are then received online in downloadable format.


Ticket purchase with gift vouchers

If you make an online reservation and wish to pay for your tickets with a gift voucher, you can do so using the voucher code. If you did not purchase electronically and have a paper-based gift voucher, please ask for assistance from our colleague when making the reservation.




We reserve the right to change the programme at any time!

The Orfeum reserves the right to hold events with a minimum booking of 60 people.

The Orfeum primarily operates as a venue for music-related programs, so at the end of such events, if the vast majority of guests have left, the management may decide to close the venue earlier than the stated opening hours.

Smoking is officially permitted only on the street, at least 5 metres from the entrance.

Beverages, glasses, and bottles should not be taken outside the building, so we kindly ask you to place them on the table near the entrance.

Only Orfeum staff members are allowed in operational areas (stage, bar counter, kitchen, staff dressing rooms, office, storage rooms, Banquet Room behind the bar, cloakroom). Only the artists and their essential staff (make-up artists, hairdressers, dressers/props, management) performing at the event may be in the dressing rooms.

No guests are allowed on stage.

In order to avoid endangering the safety of the audience, artists and staff by dance and acrobatic movements, guests are asked to remain seated during shows.

Guests may be held liable for any damage to, or wilful destruction of, the Orfeum’s equipment, sound and lighting equipment and other facilities, and must pay compensation for any damage caused. Any theft will be immediately reported to the police. The Orfeum is not liable for any damage caused to the physical safety of guests among themselves or to property brought to the event, whether intentional or due to negligence or carelessness, but will inform the authorities if necessary.

The charging of telephones and other electrical equipment is possible using the sockets located in the Orfeum corridors, with the charging device provided by the guest.

We can offer our guests a 50% discount on parking after 19:00 in the guarded parking lot of Corinthia Hotel from Hársfa Street after 19:00, depending on the availability of parking spaces. It is not possible to reserve a place in advance. To benefit from this discount, please hand your parking ticket to one of our serving staff before you leave so that we can stamp it before you claim it at the hotel reception.

If you require a VAT invoice, please let us know in good time. The invoice is issued electronically and can only be sent by email. In case of electronic payment, we can only issue VAT invoices in the name and address of the payer.

No complaints will be accepted after leaving the cash desk or the venue.

It is not possible to change money in the whole Orfeum.


We would like our programmes to reach more and more guests, so as part of our communication, photos of our evenings are taken. The management reserves the right to use these photos, in particular for display on the Orfeum website (www.orfeum.hu) and Facebook profile (www.facebook.com/orfeum). If you have any objections, please let us know! Failing this, consent will be deemed to have been given.

By purchasing a ticket for a particular event and by participating in it, each guest acknowledges the rules posted on the premises and published on the Orfeum’s online platform (Policy), considers compliance with them to be binding and participates in the advertised events at his/her own risk.

Thank you! We wish you a great time!