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Terms & Conditions


This Terms & Conditions contains conditions of usage of Orfeum website (www.orfeum.hu) hereinafter referred to as Webshop:

Link of the Webshop:

Data of the operator of the Webshop (hereinafter Provider):
Company Name: Royal Orfeum Kft.
Address: 1136 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 22.
Trade Register No: 01-09-948147
Commercial Court: Fővárosi Bíróság Cégbírósága
Bank account: 11600006-00000000-44331892 (Royal Orfeum Kft.)
VAT: 22995234-2-41

Data of Customer Support:
Phone (standard cost): +36 30 948 6448
E-mail: info@orfeum.hu
Opening Hours: You can call us monday to saturday from 09:00 to 21:00 on the given phone number.

People who register on the Website (hereinafter User) is entitled to use services on this Website by this Terms & Conditions and by any other information on this Website.

Accepting Terms & Conditions

  1. If the user wants to use services of Webshop, then the person is entitled to accept this Terms & Conditions which can be done by ticking the square during shopping. In the case of accepting Terms & Conditions, a contract is made between the Provider and the User of the Webshop.
  2. If the User does not accept Terms & Conditions, the person cannot use services of the Webshop.


Steps of Ordering:

  1. Choose the appropriate event and ticket from the list.
  2. Provide the required billing and delivery data.
  3. Choose your payment method.
  4. Finish your last step according to your payment method.



Registration is obligatory in the case of ticket buying.

For the registration, you have to give all of the following data:

  1. Name of User (First and Last Name)
  2. e-mail address
  3. phone number
  4. Name of Billed Person (only when it is different from User Name)
  5. Billing Address (Country, city, street, street number, additional data)


With the Registration, the User accepts, takes note and contributes to the followings:

  1. The Provider and its Partners may contact the User by product information materials, direct offers, commercial communications, newsletters, advertisements and by any other marketing and instructional materials, and may send electronic advertisements to the User on the level of electronic mailing or with the help of similar communicational devices.
  2. The User must not withdraw his/her contribution to the data processing, which is a condition of usage of register-bound Webshop services.
  3. The User uses all of the available materials of this Website only for his/her own account, and is not entitled to use them elsewhere.


User Data

People who register on this Website (Users) are entitled to use services on this Website following Terms & Conditions and any other instructions.

Sale Agreement is made in the following cases:

  1. When the User sends an order on the pages of the Webshop and the Provider confirms the order in email, Sale Agreement is concluded between the purchaser (User) and the Provider. (If the order confirmation email does not arrive in 48 hours, the purchaser will be exempt from tender validity and is not obliged to buy the ordered product or use the service.
  2. The User accepts that the concluded Agreement is considered as to be concluded in writing and governed by Hungarian law. The provisions of this Terms & Conditions are applicable to the Agreement.
  3. The Agreement is concluded in Hungarian which is stored automatically and in an electronic form by the Webshop. This Agreement is available for the User after logging in the Webshop. Users can read the content of this Agreement, can save it or print it.



Prices which are present on the Webshop are gross prices (including VAT), which include the price of the product and in the case of printed tickets, the price of delivery is also included.



  1. Delivery deadline: the purchaser gets the ordered product in max. 7 days.
  2. The date of delivery can be given in a comment, in other cases, the delivery will take place in a chosen date by us.
  3. The purchaser shall check the integrity of the package upon delivery. In the case of damaged package, the fault shall be noted in the minutes at the scene.


Possible Payment Methods

  1. In the case of electronic e-Ticket: with a credit card via PayPal or with bank transfer.
  2. In the case of printed tickets: in-house payment in cash.
  3. In the case of printed tickets: cash on delivery.


Right of Withdrawal

If you want to cancel the order, please call us (+36 30 948 6448 – standard cost) or write us (info@orfeum.hu).


Other Methods


Personal Notification

The purchaser can declare his/her demand for guarantee personally at the Provider (Erzsébet körút 43, 1073 Budapest, Hungary). At this point, the Provider will draw up a record, in which the following data are registered:

  • Name and Address of the Purchaser
  • Name of the event, ticket price
  • Date of purchase
  • Date of notification – description of failure
  • Claimed demand of the Purchaser
  • Method of dispute resolution

If the method of dispute resolution is different from the Purchaser’s demand, then it shall be noted.

The Purchaser shall give the copy of the report.


Written Notification

The purchaser can declare his/her demand for guarantee to the Provider (Erzsébet körút 43, 1073 Budapest, Hungary) in a letter. The letter shall include the following data:

  • Name and Address of the Purchaser
  • Date of purchase
  • Date of notification
  • Description of the failure
  • Claimed demand of the Purchaser

Unlawfulness, invalidity or unenforceability being of any of the provisions of this Terms & Conditions does not affect unlawfulness, invalidity or unenforceability of other provisions of this Terms & Conditions.

  1. This Terms & Conditions is covered by Hungarian legislation. Parties agree that this Terms & Conditions in the case of ruled or party ruled questions regard the provisions of the Civil Code as standard.
  1. If the Central District Court of Pest, Central District court of Buda, Budapest-Capital Regional Court or the Budapest Environs regional Court are not in charge of judgement of the possible dispute of the two parties, then the Budapest District Court for the II. and III. Districts or the Budapest-Capital Regional Court will be the exclusive competent institution for the dispute depending of the value of the subject.
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